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The CosmoProf Foundation, also known as CosmoProf SA, is a family business renowned for their pioneering work in what is known today as Medical Aesthetics. The company was born from more than 40 years and 2 generations of experience in the aesthetics practice of Beauty Clinic Vienna, founded by Elena Penfold in Vienna, and then relocated to London. The clinic was introduced in Johannesburg in 1969 and Elena’s daughter, Sonja Schröder, took up the reins in 1994. CosmoProf SA was formed in 1996 by Sonja and her husband, Michael Schröder, to distribute a small, professional skincare line and was subsequently the first to introduce laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation to the salon environment in South Africa. The distribution company became known as an industry leader in the supply and training of medical grade aesthetic equipment and pharmaceutical grade professional skincare treatments and products throughout Southern Africa. In 2018 Beauty Clinic Vienna was rebranded as Aesthetico Clinic.

What we do


Provides technical and innovative solutions to both the aesthetic and medical professions

Aesthetico Clinic

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurofeedback is dedicated to all the aesthetic and medical activities of the Eurofeedback company such as photo-epilation care and photorejuvenation of the skin by pulsed light. The brand supports you with your customers to give them access to Eurofeedback quality at a very attractive cost.


Adéna® is a result of the development of the beauty equipment Ariane® and the medical equipment Anthélia®, commercialised around the world.
The flash lamp emits a filtered and secured polychromatic ray of light which enables the lasting elimination of undesirable hair, and treats imperfections and signs of cutaneous ageing.


The Anthélia® pulsed light, polychromatic beam of light filtred of all ultra violet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC), generates an artificial but totally natural reactivation of collagen and elastin. Treatment is painless, without risk and innocuous for the face and body.
Anthélia® Medical can also treat hirsutism, hypertrichosis or acne with a single device.


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